Together We Can Make Prison Reentry Work!

The Problem

A broken criminal justice system that is expensive fosters repeat offending and jeopardizes public safety.

  • About 6 in 10 (62%) prisoners released across the United States were arrested within 3 years, and 7 in 10 (71%) were arrested within 5 years.


  • Eighty-one percent of prisoners age 24 or younger released in 2012 were arrested within 5 years. This compares to 74% of those aged 25 to 39 and 61% of those aged 40 or older.
  • Over 53% of inmates in Florida’s prisons have a prior commitment.
  • The 2021 Annual Budget for the Florida Department of Correction was $2,7 billion.
  • Annual costs to house an inmate in Florida’s prisons are over $28 thousand.

The main question is how do we balance public safety with offender rehabilitation and the economics of prison reentry?

The Solution

Safety for you and rehabilitation for the offender while saving tax dollars through successful programs!

Our involvement in prison aftercare yielded welcomed results for the past thirty-three years.


  • Over a thousand men and women came out of prison and lived healthy, productive lives. Ninety-eight percent of them never returned to prison. They now live as tax-paying, productive members of society.
  • Our communities are safer. Many of our residents would have been homeless and lived on the streets in our communities had it not been for Restoration Destination.
  • Public safety is also enhanced when men and women coming out of prison are equipped with the skills and mindset to find rewarding employment.
  • Millions of tax dollars have been saved. Each year we save Florida taxpayers over a half million dollars. 

What This Means

Restoration Destination positively addresses the question of public safety, offender rehabilitation, and the economics of prison reentry.

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