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Hope to the hopeless:

Our office regularly receives calls from all parts of the country from people not knowing where else to turn. Often we’re able to help with advice and referrals and offer prayer. We’ve been described as a “beacon of hope” for the hopeless.

Helping the helpless:

David lived in a tent before we helped him pack it up and bring him home to Restoration Destination. I’ll never forget the smile on his face and the tears in his eyes when I showed him his new home with his brand new bed and I told him, “Welcome home!”

Preventing homelessness:

Many of our residents would have been homeless if not for the opportunity to reside at Restoration Destination following their incarceration.

Reducing Recidivism:

Evidence shows that having safe, affordable housing and access to a supportive environment drastically reduces rates of new offenses, making our communities safer and saving taxpayer dollars.

Restoring Lives:

Our goal for each resident is to provide everything necessary to restore them physically and spiritually.

Restoration Destination

I arrived at Restoration Destination with tremendous apprehension and trepidation about living here. But almost immediately, it began to disappear once I entered the “transition house” and met Paul, who was as friendly and helpful in person as he was on the phone. Then I was shown my room which two times bigger than my old cell. The room was furnished with a new bed, sheets, bedspread and towels. This was followed by a delicious home cooked dinner…WOW! What a first day!

On Sunday, I went to Jacob’s Destiny Church, where I met Caz, Jim, Pastor Mike and so many other residents. I know I was no longer in transitional housing – now I was home!

On Monday, Paul made sure I had all the documents I needed and Randy took me to the sheriff’s office and then the DMV to help me take care of my state obligations. What a relief to get all that done. I don’t think I could have done it by myself. We next went to lunch where I had my first real hamburger and fries in over 8 years. By Wednesday, I had my own phone – thanks to Randy taking me to Target.

Then I learned that Restoration Destination has an agreement with Rural Health Network which helps residents get healthcare in the public marketplace; this is remarkable and was a tremendous assistance in getting my healthcare established. Last week when my medication was running out, I was able to make a telehealth appointment, courtesy of Restoration Destination. Ted got me an appointment in less than a few hours with a doctor on the phone who renewed my medication and even had a phone number ready for the nearest pharmacy. As I left his house, I stated, “God, this place is fantastic!” Thank you, God, for placing me here and with all these beautiful people who do so much to help us!!!
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