“Everyone Smiles As They Drift By The Flowers That Grow So Incredibly High”

Lennon and McCartney had it right. Who doesn’t smile when they walk through our RD neighborhood, looking at the tall sunflowers, fruit trees, and colorful flowers.

Suppose you’re a new resident or someone who hasn’t explored much. In that case, you will soon discover a neighborhood full of plants, flowers, fruit trees, and vegetables and friendly people willing to share their knowledge and some of their harvest.

The variety of trees includes avocados, bananas, mangoes, figs, cherries, jackfruit, loquats, and much more. Our neighbors also grow pumpkins, squash, eggplant, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, yams, collards, and cabbage.

There are also beautiful flower gardens. Have you noticed the magnificent angel trumpets? They produce unbelievable pink and yellow flowers with a beautiful nighttime fragrance. There are electric pink four o’clock, buttercups, sunflowers, plumbago, elephant ears, and crotons.

You can add to the neighborhood’s beauty by starting your own garden. All it takes is a few pots and some seeds or seedlings. Gardening provides lots of benefits by feeding birds and butterflies, keeping the house cool in the hot summer, providing healthy eating choices, and giving you and your friends a positive, healthy hobby.

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