This newsletter tells a story about our men and ministry and their testimonies about their lives changing and the life of Christ in their hearts and minds. As we profess in our relationship with Jesus, We are put in different positions that cause us to examine ourselves to see the true nature of our belief system. First, let me say – you cannot have faith in what you do not believe. We say God will not put more on us than we can bear so I say to you there will come a time of trial in EVERY LIFE where you have opportunity to prove God’s strength in you.

Four weeks ago I got an ugly infection in my foot which turned into a life or death situation. The outcome was a 20-day stay in the hospital and the amputation of my left leg below the knee. I can honestly say that the Holy Spirit kept me in perfect peace as the scriptures promised. You see, folks, that is what this is all about – God’s promises to us and the wonderful peace that we receive in our times of desperation.
I learned some things along the way in this harsh trial…I had a beautiful nurse who is a Muslim who totally had my back. She was an angel. I was so ill I was delirious but she was there with a cool cloth for my face and kind encouragement to help me keep going. There was a wonderful presence of God in the room all the time, so much so that we had hours of conversation about the true purpose and nature of our lives. I found that there were a lot of misconceptions about the Muslim people because of politics. I am happy to say God has spoken to my heart about the millions of wonderful people in this world today. Everywhere I go now I meet kind and generous people making daily life very rewarding. Perhaps it was worth the leg to look past the ugly and see the light and love of my God.

I learned that the small but mighty church at the Restoration Destination property as well as the residents on site are some of the finest people alive. All stood with me in this ordeal and because of them my understanding of sowing and reaping came to view as my investment in their lives came back to me in a time of great need… they held me up and God galvanized our friendship and made us family. I can honestly say these folks are my brothers!

When I was so sick I could not think – they came to me at the hospital, 5 to 10 at a time. The person at the visitation desk asked, “Who is that guy in room 278?” They told them, “He is our Pastor and we are not leaving until we see him!”

A blessed man I am, and in case you need a little reminding – it’s your gifts and contributions that help maintain a place to give these guys an opportunity to come out of a dark place and find the wonderful light of Christ’s healing. Together, we have found a great love…THANK YOU JESUS.
Pastor Mike

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