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Restoration Destination

It is well known that God’s love is a peace beyond all understanding. One of our primary missions at Restoration Destination is to provide a safe and accepting home where qualified ex-offenders can rebuild their life in Christ and regain His peace!

Together We Can Make Prison Reentry Work!

We are the Destination where Restoration happens by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the formarly encarcerated. Our on-site staff, including Pastor Mike Henderson, help meet these needs on our 24-acre campus. Our goal for each resident is to provide them with a safe haven and the support and services they need to help restore their body and soul.


Helping men and women leaving prison reclaim their dignity and quality of life by providing a caring and reliable community where Restoration takes place.

Restoring Lives

Our goal for each resident is to provide everything necessary to restore them physically and spiritually. We have made a tremendous impact in their lives by giving them the opportunity to succeed. These successes have resulted in a decrease in homelessness and unemployment, reduced recidivism and re-incarceration, increased public safety and, ultimately, a savings to taxpayers.

Who We Help

Hope to the hopeless

Our office regularly receives calls from all parts of the country from people not knowing where else to turn. Often we’re able to help with advice and referrals and offer prayer. We’ve been described as a “beacon of hope” for the hopeless.

Helping the helpless

David lived in a tent before we helped him pack it up and bring him home to Restoration Destination. I’ll never forget the smile on his face and the tears in his eyes when I showed him his new home with his brand new bed, and I told him, “Welcome home!”

Reducing Recidivism

Evidence shows that having safe, affordable housing and access to a supportive environment drastically reduces rates of new offenses, making our communities safer and saving taxpayer dollars.

The Problem

Florida has some of the harshest sex offender laws in the United States. In addition to being locked on Florida’s Sex Offenders Registry for life, a sex offender’s life after release is a minefield of heavy-handed punishment. For example, there are restrictions on where they can travel, how long they must wear a geo-tracking ”ankle bracelet,” and where they can work. They are the only offenders whose punishment does not end once they carry out their court-appointed punishment.

Despite serving their sentence, SO’s find Florida’s residency restrictions most onerous. By Florida law, they are prohibited from living within 1,000 feet of any park, playground, school, or daycare in Florida. There are also over 160 municipalities that set their own, more restrictive restrictions.

The Solution

For over 33 years, Restoration Destination – formerly Matthew 25 Ministries – has served men and women coming out of prison having served a sentence for committing a sexual offense.

Florida’s recidivism rate for persons charged with a sexual offense is 26.2%

Restoration Destination’s recidivism rate is approximately 1%

What this Means

Nearly a thousand men and women came out of prison and lived healthy, productive lives.

Our communities are safer

Millions of tax dollars are saved